free interactive London app — London Streets

I’ve been taking some of my earlier research into techniques for interacting with the past of place and moving them into the mobile domain. The result is an app, for both Android and Apple’s iOS, named ‘London Streets’.

The app is now live in Google Play — and going through the Apple review process.

This video gives a brief overview of some of what it’s about …

I’ll be providing more details about the work that went into this — on multiple fronts: from sourcing images and maps, the various theories about the origins and history of London street names, the design of sounds (music and sound effects), through to some of the techniques and technical aspects of working across both Android and Apple mobile platforms.

This all forms part of continuing research and development into the past of place, and how we might better interact and engage with it.

Let me know what you think of the app if you download and use it — user feedback is an essential part of helping improve and enhance the user experience, as well as often providing insight into new and better ways of doing things. And if you spot some mistakes — there are bound to be some, the volume of words, images and maps has been no simple matter to research and incorporate — please let me know!

In the meantime, here are a few screen grabs…

London Streets main menu

London Streets - street explorer

London Streets - more details

London Streets - some curios 'Victorian inventions'

Update: also now available on Amazon

Update 2: now approved by Apple and available in the App Store

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