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BBC Click’s Kate Russell hosted myself, Mark Thompson and Alan Brown on a recent episode of Digital Leaders TV. Our topic? How to understand and implement new digital business models in the public sector, with questions and interventions both from Kate and from submitted questions from those tuning in to the broadcast Hangout.

The discussion centred on our new best-selling book “Digitizing Government: Understanding and implementing new digital business models” (available in the UK from Amazon, Waterstones or your local independent bookshop, and in the US from Amazon and others).

This is the full video:

And this, for those of you pressed for time, is the 15 minute edited “highlights edition”:

One theme that emerged from the questions submitted was a fear that moving to digital public services is about putting everything online, leaving those unable or unwilling to use technology behind. Putting existing services onto an electronic screen is a minor part of what “digital” really means: online services should not simply be about the citizen being forced to use an online channel, but about improving all channels (including face-to-face services delivered in an office or in our homes) by improving the processes, systems and organisations that sit behind them.

Our discussion aimed to bring out this often overlooked perspective, mirroring much of what our book is about.

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