Understanding and implementing new digital business models

Digitizing Government SmallOur new book about understanding and implementing new digital business models, Digitizing Government, is published 1st December in the UK and 26th December in the USA.

I’ve written it with Alan Brown and Mark Thompson, bringing together a range of experiences from our work with large organisations trying to adapt to the digital age, together with some of our own academic research. All three of us are a blend of active practitioners as well as being academics — Alan as Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Surrey’s Business School, Mark as Senior Lecturer in Information Systems at Cambridge Judge Business School, and myself as Senior Research Fellow at Bath Spa University.

Although we’ve focused on governments — since they face some particularly complex challenges in transforming into truly digital organisations — investment in digital technologies and adaptation to digital culture has become essential for success and sustainability across a whole variety of organisations.

We’ve aimed to make our book practical rather than academic in nature, sharing experiences, insights and advice for understanding and implementing digital transformation to increase business value and improve client engagement. It’s in three broad sections — a “why”, “what”, and “how” that articulate and explore the major elements of digital transformation, and offer clear steps for execution of digital strategies.

We’ve included case studies from both private and public sectors, together with a detailed chronology of current digital change efforts here in the UK government. We relate these to government efforts in the USA and elsewhere in the world.

Ultimately we hope it provides a practical and unique set of insights into organisations in the digital economy. We don’t claim to have all the answers — merely to help nudge things in a better direction and to open up a more open and constructive debate about the future of our public services.

You can order it on Amazon UK and Amazon US, amongst other places — or better, why not order through your local bookshop and show them a bit of support? If you do read it, please let me know what you think: the move to digital is very much work in progress. We all need to share and learn more effectively if we’re going to help organisations successfully adapt.

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