from Phidgets to Kinect

Some of my earlier research into user interaction with sound and images of the past of place developed a prototype interface using Phidgets — some of which can be seen in the video below.

For the next stage I thought it’d be interesting to see what could be achieved with the commercial Kinect sensor and SDK.

For an installation environment (such as a digital gallery or museum exhibit), I particularly want to explore what works — and what doesn’t — in terms of gesture control with techniques such as the palimpsest slider and palimpsest lens. It will also provide the opportunity to start exploring how to handle multiple users experiencing the same work at the same time.

So, early work with Kinect has started — shown in the video below. Early days, but I’m impressed with what it’s possible to achieve relatively simply with the Kinect. Of course, I may regret saying that as I get into the more detailed work ahead ….

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