travels in Japan

Just back from an enjoyable (first) trip to Japan, a wonderful mix of high-tech and traditional culture. And a rich and varied feast for the stomach.

I’ve posted a random selection of snapshots over on flickr for those with time on their hands. The soundscape was at least as interesting as the landscape, but without my audio gear with me, I failed to record any samples … the perfect excuse for another visit …

A couple of practical sites I found particularly useful both before and during the visit, in case these are helpful for others:

– if you need a data SIM card or something similar (I wanted a local 3G card for my iPad whilst travelling), the b-mobile service worked well. Ordered in advance the micro SIM was waiting for me at the hotel when I checked in

– Japan’s impressive public transport system was made even easier to navigate courtesy of the Hyperdia site. This includes information about which platforms trains arrive and depart from – useful when there is less than 10 minutes to change trains with a manic dash between platforms






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  1. Riikka Avatar

    I like the photo.. looks like legos 🙂

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