PASC inquiry into govt IT second evidence session

The second date has been set for oral evidence in the Parliamentary inquiry into government technology policy & IT.

Tuesday 15th March at 10.30 will see the second group of witnesses provide evidence to the Public Administration Select Committee at the House of Commons. The two panels include Martin Rice (Chief Executive Officer, Erudine, an IT SME); David Clarke MBE (Chief Executive Officer, British Computer Society); Janet Grossman (Chair, Intellect Public Sector Council); Sureyya Cansoy (Director of Public Sector, Intellect); Adam McGreggor (Rewired State); Andy Burton (Chair, Cloud Computing Forum); and Jim Killock (Open Rights Group).

The session will be looking to investigate topics such as:

  • How to realise the government’s ambition to award more contracts to SMEs;
  • Whether procurement rules are in need of reform;
  • How IT should be involved in the policy development process; and
  • How the government could adopt new technologies and ways of working such as open source, open standards, agile development, and cloud computing.

This will build on the evidence from the first witness session as well as the large number of written evidence submissions.

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