The first date has been set for oral evidence in the Parliamentary inquiry into government technology policy & IT.

Tuesday 8th March at 10.30 will see the first group of witnesses provide evidence to the Public Administration Select Committee at the House of Commons. First up is the “academic/academic practitioners” session with two panels that include Professor Helen Margetts (Oxford Internet Institute), Dr Ian Brown (Oxford Internet Institute), Dr Edgar Whitley (London School of Economics), Professor Nigel Shadbolt (University of Southampton), and Sir Ian Magee (Institute for Government).

The session will be looking to cover a range of areas likely to include:

  • Why successive Governments have found implementing IT projects so difficult;
  • The potential of IT to transform how public services are delivered;
  • How to ensure current reforms deliver their intended outcomes; and
  • How the Government could adopt new technologies and ways of working such as Open Source, Open Standards and Agile Development.

Some more background here – and keep an eye on the room details if you’re planning to attend: it’s already moved once today…